Accenture (London)

Since the 4th of July 2015, I am living a fantastic work experience in Accenture and I have been involved in many interesting projects.
I am currently Senior (Web) Developer Analyst and a qualified UX developer.


Step on Web (Rome)

In the late 2009, I did an unpaid internship in a company, going deeper in my Java skills. But, although the company has been impressed by my fast learning and hire me, I decided to follow another way.
Actually, at the same time I have started learning how to make websites with WordPress and people have started asking me to make websites for them, and I had the desire to work more in full autonomy, I preferred to work freelance.

TSI Consulting (Rome)

In the early 2009, I attended a course of J2EE, Java for Web Applications organized by the TSI Consulting in Rome, and brilliantly passed the exam. I believed that Java Web Development was one of the best tools for building solid and high level applications, this is why I had decided to make a change in career.
After the course, the students who passed the exam were supposed to be employed by this consulting company; but, unfortunately, a period of crisis prevented the company to place us anywhere. (Later on, the company failed as well)

Bright Lemon (London)

In London I have also worked for Bright Lemon Web Agency. There I had the first approach with CMS, Content Management Systems and Commerce Management Systems, like Drupal and OS-commerce. Using these tools did not make me very much enthusiastic at first, as they were quite slow due to the template system that was mainly relying on Database resources.
Still I was very positive at the idea to use CMS, maybe improved versions, that allowed an easy development, customization and user friendly management.

CabinetUk (London)

With Cabinetuk started my work venture in London. I had the strong desire to learn more and make a wider experience and this thing brought me to London, where IT is very much developed.
The only main obstacle was the language, as the English we study at school is not exactly what native English people speak. And so, in the beginning, it was difficult to understand what the recruiters were saying. But finally I had an idea to solve the problem. While many friends were suggesting me to attend a school for learning English, I had signed up in a course of .Net for adults: that course allowed me:

  1. to learn the English technological terms,
  2. to get used to English speaking
  3. to show to possible future employers that I was enhancing my skills.

Well, I had not finished the course (that lasted only ten lessons) that  I had found two works. Finally I have joined the Cabinetuk team.
As I have arrived, of course that .Net class did not make the magic, I still had problems with oral understanding, but that could be solved with the real magic: Messenger!!! In this way, I could solve brilliantly my first tasks and get the job.
I have worked on many of the existing websites and web applications that were oriented on Pictures distribution: Picture Rights, Picture  Chase, Memory Prints and I have finally worked on the development of SSL prints.

Linfa Living Digital

Linfa has been my gate to web development. Starting immediately from the development of an e-commerce website (Newton Compton) by using MS Access as a database and ASP as server side programming language. I have followed the development of new websites and added new components to existing ones (at that time we ere not using plugins but simple added code).
The most interesting experience has been the reengineering (reingegnerizzazione) of a private management system for the International University LUISS Guido Carli. That one was my first experience with PHP and MySql and the second in terms of relational database development. After years of very hard studies, this work did not actually present big difficulties and I had soon conquered the consideration and the trust of my academic supervisor (he was the website developer of the academy).

MC Software 2000

Taken by great enthusiasm, I have join the activity of one university colleague, the MC Software 2000, where I have involved in he development of content management systems for schools, professionals, small companies. We used Borland C++, a language system that allowed us to completely develop everything in an Object Oriented environment and that had a good support from its manufacturers.
The collaboration lasted until my work partner decided to move to mobile games programming, while I preferred to work on the web.