CabinetUk (London)

With Cabinetuk started my work venture in London. I had the strong desire to learn more and make a wider experience and this thing brought me to London, where IT is very much developed.
The only main obstacle was the language, as the English we study at school is not exactly what native English people speak. And so, in the beginning, it was difficult to understand what the recruiters were saying. But finally I had an idea to solve the problem. While many friends were suggesting me to attend a school for learning English, I had signed up in a course of .Net for adults: that course allowed me:

  1. to learn the English technological terms,
  2. to get used to English speaking
  3. to show to possible future employers that I was enhancing my skills.

Well, I had not finished the course (that lasted only ten lessons) that  I had found two works. Finally I have joined the Cabinetuk team.
As I have arrived, of course that .Net class did not make the magic, I still had problems with oral understanding, but that could be solved with the real magic: Messenger!!! In this way, I could solve brilliantly my first tasks and get the job.
I have worked on many of the existing websites and web applications that were oriented on Pictures distribution: Picture Rights, Picture  Chase, Memory Prints and I have finally worked on the development of SSL prints.


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