Noema Sider

Noema Sider is a new innovative system that optimizes your projects in iron, showing you, in real time, the availability and cost of iron. The project can be saved in our management system so that it can be viewed at any time.

My contribution to the project is the realization of a plugin that allows the calculation of the cuts on an iron panel. Our blacksmith needs a certain amount of iron pieces of different sizes and he wants to know how many iron panels he needs with the minimum waste.
I have realized an algorithm in JavaScript that features this calculation by using recursive functions: recursively it is checked if the pieces are fitting in a panel, starting from the biggest ones to the smallest ones.
Actually, for a best optimization, I have used three different algorithms and then I have compared them by minimum required panels; the need of different algorithms comes from the fact that depending on the combinations of cut sizes, one algorithm offer better solutions than another (just like we can see in the case of image compression).
A major difficulty comes from the inclusion of a margin, that is an interspace between the cuts that takes in account a variable dimension of the cutting blade.

By clicking on the following link, you will see a demo that has been rendered in PHP and AJAX. The margin option is disabled, while there is an option for displaying the result for 2 different algorithms.

Noema Sider – Rectangular Cuts of Panels – Demo


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