Yoga Facile

Yoga Facile (formerly Sahaja Yoga Benessere) has been the first project I have been starting developing with WordPress and it is also the project has lasted longer, as I have cured it entirely: from the design to the editing.
Sahaja Yoga Benessere is a website meant to give a guidance to people who want to improve and empower themselves, finding harmony, well-being and dynamism.
There is a complete course of Sahaja Yoga of beginner-intermediate level, that follows step-by-step all the path of evolution of the student, providing theory, techniques, lectures, videos and audios for a better experience. Everything completely for free. Sahaja Yoga is a unique method for getting your Self Realization and the best gift we can do to all the human beings is to give them the chance of experience it.

The project has followed a specific strategy. First of all the choice of the name. It is long, I know, and difficult to remember, but in it there is embedded the essence of the website: it is something that bring us wellness. Since most people had not clear what Sahaja Yoga was meant for, I wanted to give a clear indication of its purpose.
After 4 years, as the website has become popular, I have changed the domain name in “Facile” means easy and it is one of the meanings of “sahaja”, and it is certainly much easier to remember for an Italian person. Of course, the old domain name is still active, but now that people know this website and have learned to appreciate it, they can tell their friends about it and give them a easy reference to remember and find. We have actually noticed that, after this change, the daily hits have increased of the 20% (and they are still increasing): word of mouth is still the best way for spreading things (at least in Italy where Internet is not so browsed like in other countries). Strategy must suit cultural trends too.

Second point, I could not wait to make all the course before publishing, it was too much to be done in a reasonable time (actually I needed a couple of years). So I have published all the articles first and then collected them in proper classes.
Third point, I have added to the website the translation of some of the most popular works talking about yoga and similar topics. The purpose was obviously to allow seekers, who were wanting to read them, to reach my website. And this tactic (yukti in Sanskrit) has been quite effective.
Fourth point, obviously, was the spreading of the website article on the social networks, thing that came spontaneously as this is done in my free time from bread work, of course.
Currently, after only 2 years and half and with a very little advertising, this website is proud of an average of 1000 daily visits and an average of 250 visitors a day. As Uncle Google suggests, good content comes first of all.

In the development of this website, I have had the chance to apply many of the techniques used for WordPress development. The theme and some plugin I have done by myself, as there was nothing that could render the functionalities I meant.
For example in the Home Page there is a feature for selecting the Yoga Centers with an Ajax system, that actually is jQuery with Ajax. In WordPress, we need to use some tricks for applying Ajax.
Another functionality is on the left sidebar, where there is a context menu for the course: all the pages belonging to a class, will be seen in the menu when we have landed in one of them.
If we go on the page Risveglia la tua Energia Interiore, there is another Ajax system for loading asynchronously the pages.
The Meditation Tips page, presents the tips in accordion style, so that the student can focus its attention on the All Tips before going on the detail.
Undoubtedly, this project has been a launching pad for WordPress development.


Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Ajax Loading
Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Accordion Slider
Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Home Page
Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Contextual Menu
Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Ajax Loading
Sahaja Yoga Benessere – Welcome Page

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