About me

About work

My name is Silvana Donato and I got a degree as Electronic Engineer in the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. My thesis consisted in a program for the digital compression of images by using a Wavelet algorithm and that experience has been decisive on the direction that my career would have taken.
Consequently, my first works, after degree, have been PC applications programming, first with Visual Basic 6 and then with Borland C++.

After my experience as PC developer, I moved to Web Development so that I could see another facade of the IT world.
To enhance my skills and improve my English, I decided to move to London (England) in the late 2005. I worked there with two different web agencies, where I could gain new experience and skills.

Returned to Rome, I decided to go one step forward and approach the Java Web Development. As I had already studied Java years before, to learn Object Oriented paradigm and to make Applets, I was sure that it was very good for realizing more complex applications. Therefore, In 2009 I have also attended a course and then a stage in Java Web Development (J2EE) that I have found very interesting and a possible option for a future job.

After that, since I have received some requests of website development, I have started working as a freelance web developer and, in such context, I could also improve my skills as a web designer (so that I could qualify myself as Web Master). I have been mainly working with a very popular CMS (WordPress), with the advantage of all the skills gained previously in HTML, CSSJavaScript and PHP, that allowed me a certain degree of customization of the websites I have been setting up.

In this scenario, thanks to these my newly acquired and developed skills, I could also dedicate to many personal projects that I have been quite successful. One of these projects is Yoga Facile, that I have designed, developed and then also edited; it offers a full basic/intermediate course of Yoga (based on the Sahaja Yoga teachings) and it currently receive (without any particular advertisement) an average of 1.200 hits and 300-400 visitors per day (that means that people are not only reaching the website, but they are widely browsing it as well.

(To conclude this section, I would like to include the link to my old portfolio, that has marked the beginning of my new adventure as freelancer.)

About life

I am born in Rome (Italy) in the Happy Days of the ’70s, when we still used coins to telephone at a call box. My parents remember me as a very cheerful and joyful baby, but my memory starts from the never-ending days at school and the happy moments watching cartoons on TV. I still remember my first time when, still a baby, while watching the TV, I was wondering how did people do to enter inside that box… since then I made big steps forward since I could also learn how TV and electronic devices are made.

Baby Silvana

Once of the thing that I best remember of childhood is my desire of Self Improvement. I was never satisfied with doing things approximately, I have always had a particular attention for details at the point that my teachers defined me as “very meticulous”. My point simply is: either you do something well, or you do not do it at all.

This desire of Self Improvement has lead me, in the early 1994, to embrace the discipline of Yoga Meditation, that I have found being the best for clearing out our mind from useless thoughts and enhancing our skills and talent (and willingly also for developing new talents). At that time, I was still a student and I could immediately prove the extraordinary effect of the method: I could both study more efficiently and face exams with extremely calm and self confidence.

Later in life, after 20 years of practice, I could give my contribution to the world in knowing this great thing, by realizing many blogs and one main website with a complete course (see my website Yoga Facile). People usually look for realization in perishable things and so also their satisfaction is destined to be limited in time. They also push themselves to their limits in this search, so that their inner resource are gradually reduced at the point that, in some cases, the process seems to be irreversible.
But there is a potential inside us that need to be discovered. This potential is not something hanging somewhere in the sky, but is a concrete manifestation of our being, when our being is completely realized.

Recently, many people are realizing the value of this Self Realization. They are talking of Self Empowerment, Self Awareness, etc. reaching slowly slowly what has been described thousands of years ago in Ancient Yoga. I was just reading and article, where it is described the advantage of having a high EI, Emotional Intelligence: Why You need Emotional Intelligence to Succeed.

In the meanwhile, my natural inclination for mathematics guided me in one direction of studies: at High School I have chosen Science, while at University I opted for Electronic Engineering, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.  And at this point: goto about-work.

About interests

A part from work and my humanitarian dedication to the spiritual growth of human beings (included myself), I have many other interests:

The top one is sport. I have done many sports in life: tennis, soccer, volleyball, skying, swimming, martial arts. Currently I use to do cycling and jogging in the nearest park, and in 2014 I attended a couple of courses: Irish (Scottish/English/French) dance with the Gen d’Ys school;  figure ice skating.

I also love artistic disciplines, in particularly dance. Years ago, I have practiced Indian Dance Bharatanatyan for about four years; recently I have started Irish dance and I hope I will be able to enter in the River-dance very soon.
In 2008, I have also attended an Indian academy for only 3 months for learning Indian traditional singing – and that was my biggest challenge in life as I was out of tune, out of rhythm, out of everything, but I can satisfactorily say that now I can sing nicely.

One thing that I particularly like is watching movies, I could spend hours watching movies… well I actually do it, at least once a week. I like any kind of genre, especially science fiction, comedies and animation movies.

I am really fond of cooking and I am expert in preparing Tiramisú, that is my favourite one.
What has to do cooking with web developing? Well, how can you work properly if you use to eat junk food or pre-cooked food?

Another thing that I love is travelling and living in other countries, because I like acquiring customs and traditions of other people. I have already lived in London for three years, in India for an overall of 10 months, I visited Japan and some other European countries.
Below are some pictures of some of my travels.


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