Sahaja Yoga Bihar

Working again at international level, after London, I have also moved to India, where I have spent an overall of ten delightful months. So, I have given support for spreading Sahaja Yoga there on live events (in spite of teh language difficulties) and on line with a website dedicate to the Bihar community.


The obstacle of mind in learning

One of the main obstacles in our learning is offered by our own mind.

This is the main difference between the learning of a child and the learning of an adult. When we talk of an adult we generally mean someone over 40, but in many cases even over 30 (or even younger!).
As an adult starts learning something new, the first approach to the new is to put a mental barrier between himself and the new subject. He could think “This is too difficult to me” or “Why do I have to learn this thing?” or many other thoughts come up that arise this barrier.

So, one important step for a fast learning is to pull down the barrier of thoughts that steps in between us and the subject to learn. We should be completely transparent and open to receive.

Of course, after years of adopting this attitude of mental reaction, returning back is difficult. We need to find a method that trains us so that we can get our mind clear and ready.
The most simple solution is meditation, a method defined as “thoughtless awareness meditation“. In the past meditation was meant as a process of concentration on something or thinking positive or similar things; but the real state given by meditation is a clearing of mind, so that mind becomes alert and also ready to welcome new information.

Meditation is not something that we do, but an inner state that everybody can achieve after practice. There is a method (that we can define as effortless) that allows us to get into meditative state very easily and is called Sahaja Yoga.
Yoga is an ancient discipline that, so far, has been known in Western countries only by its more superficial (physical) approach, but that can actually represent a very valid method for our betterment.

Physical exercise for geeks: the dough

How many of you have experienced muscle ache of your right/left hand? In this article, I suggest you a simple exercise that finally is also going to be useful and yummy.

One important aspect that we cannot neglect is that long periods at the computer can create us physical problems. How many of you have experienced muscle ache of your right/left hand? This comes obviously because we keep our hands in the same position for long time and making the same movements.
Of course, those who join gym everyday have probably solved the problem. But those who cannot do that, need to find handy solutions in the day by day life.

So, I am here to suggest one handy and yummy solution: a very good way to exercise your hand + to fill your stomach with hand-made food!
The idea is: make your own dough for your home-made pizza!


Now the ingredients for pizza dough you can find anywhere in internet, so I will just recap them here (but better check the dosage in a food specialized website or cook book.
You need: flour (let’s say 500gr for 3 people), yeast (we usually use brewer’s yeast, but you can use what you find – but adapt – in you closest drug store), some water (warm at 20°C), oil (possibly olive oil, 1-2 tbsp), a pinch of sugar and some salt to taste.

Put the yeast in half of the warm water with the sugar and leave it for 10 minutes. Then put the flour in a bowl and make a fountain where you will pour the watered yeast, mix. Then add the salt in the remaining water and pour it in the mix with oil too. After you knead the mix in the bowl for a while, you should get a nice ball. It must not be too wet or too dry. So if it is too wet, add some flour (little by little as needed); if it is too dry, add a little of water. When your ball has reached the right consistency, as said before, remove it from the bowl and put it on the work table, lightly covered in flour so it does not stick.

Well, it is now that the amusement starts!

A good pizza must have a very good knead and so this is the moment we can do our hands exercise.

So you can enjoy yourself in squeezing the dough, massaging it, or applying the typical kneading of a pizza chef. All good exercises for your hands. You can do this exercise for 10-15 minutes.

Afterwards, you leave your dough rest and yeast in a warm place for at least one hour.

Pizza: check if the dough is ready
Pizza: check if the dough is ready by slightly pushing your finger into the dough. If the pushed part returns back to previous position, the dough is ready. Otherwise it need more kneading.

When you see that the dough is nicely grown, then you can prepare your pizza!

Split the dough in pieces,  roll it out with the rolling pin or spread it out (if you do not have a rolling pin). Warm up a nonstick pan, lay down the rolled dough. After 3-4 minutes, turn it upside down and put some tomato sauce – if you like it. After 2 minutes, add some mozzarella in pieces – if you like it. You can use whatever dressing you want.
Then cook your pizza for other 5 minutes or as long as needed. Remember to cover the pan with a fitting lid.

Pizza is ready!

And finally: enjoy your pizza!

Quick healthy apple-cake cooked with pan

One of the best thing is to have a good and healthy snack to enjoy between coding and slicing. But as it always takes so long preparing, oven cooking and washing, one prefers to buy ready snacks.

One of the best thing is to have a good and healthy snack to enjoy between coding and slicing. But as it always takes so long preparing, oven cooking and washing, one prefers to buy ready snacks.
So, as I have found an easy quick recipe to cook a delicious apple cake, I want to share it with you all. Oil and yogurt (instead of butter) will make the cake lighter.

Preparing our own food is much much better rather than buying ready food, because we do not know how many preservatives and chemicals are in them, things that can compromise our health and so also our concentration and efficiency.

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A Simple and Professional Doctor Website

A doctor has usually a live contact with his patients and building a website for a doctor with this in mind is a nice challenge. So the idea came to give the biggest space in the Home Page to a reassuring picture of the doctor, a picture that looks saying  “I am here to help you, don’t worry!”, a picture that gives you a feeling of familiarity and professionalism at the same time.

Dottor Ivano Ferri's Website

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The Art of Freedom and Joy

The Art of Freedom and Joy is a website that was born for promoting the artworks of two artists in the Web.
Art is the product of the high inspiration of our soul and is capable to transmit the best of our depths and values. But more than this is capable to give us Joy and Freedom, the priceless Freedom of our Spirit. This is the message behind the work of these great artists. You cannot become rich with art, if art is not intended for money business. The value of art goes beyond our understanding, the vision of materialized beauty conveys us wonderful feelings.

Of course, the quality of the artwork is not enough when it needs to be splashed in the immense ocean of the Internet Connection. It needs not only to be displayed in a pleasant way, but it also need to be designed to be compliant with the SEO requirements.
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