Yoga x Bambini

This is a website that helps children from age 8 up to 13 years to learn the basic of yoga. Language for children must be necessarily simpler and richer of interactive features. So in this website, the Chinese girl Meiling wants to learn yoga and meet a class of children who teaches her the basic of meditation and how to use her energy to cure her centers of energy and improve herself.


Wikipedia and other projects

Beyond to the humanitarian work, I have been spontaneously involved in other voluntary works.

Wikipedia. In the Wikipedia project as active user and supporter. I have added content to existing topics, like Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Yoga,  or creating new ones, like C.P. Srivastava, Aid Guru Dattatreya, Ashtavakra Gita.

English-to-Italian Translations. I have translated in Italian some famous works and provided these translations for free in one of my websites, like Ashtavakra Gita, Tao Te Ching, William Blake’s works, Amrita Nubhava and the Indian most popular treaty of Yoga: the Bhagavad Gita. I have been involved in other translation projects, like the translation of  the website On Line Meditation.

Media. Hugged by a deep love for every form of media technologies, I have also enjoyed the making of a video for a promotional Music Therapy course.

Blogs. I have quite a few blogs hanging there on the web: Yoga per Bambini (Yoga for Children),  Temple of Spirit, Benvenuti in Paradiso (Welcome to Paradise – blog managed with other yogis), Sahaja Yoga Benessere, L’Angolo della Poesia (The Poetry Corner).

Benvenuti in Paradiso

“Benvenuti in Paradiso” (Welcome to Paradise) is a collective blog whose aim is to show the beauty of our inner Self and of the world. Its topic range spans over different cultural areas: music, art, history, medicine, poetry, teaching, society, traditions, literature and, of course, meditation.
It started in the far 2009, when WordPress started booming in Italy. It has been quite successful and it is still getting visitors, even if we are neglecting the project.

Center for Evolutionary Learning

“Center for Evolutionary Learning” is a project dedicated to the improvement of individuals so that they can generate enlightened decisions, practices and initiatives within their organizations. This is a no-profit organization that is mainly working abroad and in Northern Italy. Courses are provided to companies/organizations/institutions workers at any level.
I have created the Italian version, translation included:

Yoga Eventi

Yoga Eventi is an event oriented website, that was meant for spreading the events organized by the Sahaja Yoga community: musical events, dance events, seminars, conferences, participation to fairs (Yoga Festival, Oriental Festival and many others not merely connected with yoga), etc.
I have adapted the Calendar plugin for a better performance and customized features. The events are categorized by region, so that anyone can display a regional set of events in his own local website.

Sahaja Yoga London

The best way to involve people in your programs is by creating events. WordPress supporters have created many nice plugins that allow to create events. We have adopted one and made it a little bit more efficient by creating independent DB fields for every event. The plugin has an easy-to-use interface integrated in the post editor. Furthermore, we have taken advantage of the WordPress Taxonomies to create a classification by London Area, so that every London area will display all the articles related to it.
The original theme has been currently modified.


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